Monday, March 3, 2008

Grants Pass Craigslist Classified Ad's free to post

Craigslist is too busy and getting to large to handle the volume of new location site requests.

Post your "classifieds" for GP here, all you have to do is click "COMMENT" to my Blog, and type in your "free "classified ad text with any links to your site or photos.

Post your "For Sale" Items...your Professional Service ... your "Skilled Trade" to offer..your "Resume"...your "Job offered".."Employees wanted"... basically everything CL offers minus the dating & rant groups.

Make your ad as long as you want , just don't write a huge novel ok.
Ad a link to photos or a web site link to your professional services offered site.
I personally don't care if you are licensed & or insured or not that is your business and your clients business.
I only care that you respect the rules here. If you post a link to a porno site I will delete and ban you.
If you have multiple items such as 3 motorcycles then put them all in 1 ad, NOT 3 separate ad's.

2 ad's per week seems reasonable right, I erase them after 2 weeks run time, just re-run them again after 2 weeks, ok.

If CL ad's GP to there towns then I will shut down this blog, until then type away people.

NO Porn
NO Adult -Erotic services
NO Firearms (( I like guns, but I don't like the ATF at my door either ))
NO Rants
NO Date ad's
NO Hookup ad's
NO Lost connection
NO Politics
NO Religion
NO Cuss words
NO Flaming
NO Spam
NO Asking direction
NO Chit chat
NO Opinions
Opinons & e-mail to me at

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Grants Pass Craigslist Ad's said...

GP HANDYMAN Experienced & Skilled
20+ years of hands on experience in all phases of home & commercial property improvement.
Impeccable local client & business references.
Not just an unemployed construction worker, but a real multi talented fully equipped full time handyman.
On call 7 days a week
20 dollar per hour
Steve 541-659-2565
Web Site at